Mel Langton Art 2022 Best Bits

2022 Best Bits

2022 Had a Mix of Bits

2022 Best Bits could have been hard to find in a year that brought with it a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

I entered the year as a full time freelance artist, unsure of what work would be in the pipeline for me.

January always start off with feelings of excitement for what opportunities may lay ahead. Then reality kicks in with a bite and I suddenly question what I’ll be doing for the next 12 months.

Well I’m happy to say that despite it’s many challenges, 2022 brought me some wonderful wins.

Here’s my selection of Best Bits to share with you…

2022 SBS Winners Event

The first of my 2022 Best Bits. Meeting Theo Paphitis at the SBS awards event.
Meeting Theo Paphitis at the SBS Event, Birmingham ICC.

In early 2021 I was delighted to be chosen by entrepreneur Theo Paphitis, as one of his Small Business Sunday winners.

Due to the pandemic, I had no idea if or when I’d get to meet Theo to receive my certificate.

In February of 2022 the Winners event at last took place at Birmingham ICC. This was undoubtedly the first of the 2022 Best Bits.

It was such an incredible day and I was so proud to be there representing my small business.

You can read more about it at my blog here.

2022 Best Bits with Heart

St Barnabas Heart Trail Promo Heart, painted in 2022 by Mel Langton.
The St Barnabas HeArt Trail flagship Heart.

The second of my 2022 Best Bits was my first painty one!

In March I started painting the flagship Heart for the St Barnabas Hospice HeArt Trail.

St Barnabas are a truly wonderful charity who do such incredible work. I was honoured when they asked me to be Artist Ambassador for their trail.

As we speak I am currently painting the 1st of 3 business sponsored HeArts for the trail. Watch this space for updates over the coming months.

A Cosmic Collaboration

My Psychedelic 70's fabric design for Cosmic Girl Clothing.
My Psychedelic 70’s fabric design for Cosmic Girl Clothing.

Di you spot in my earlier picture with Theo Paphitis my rather colourful skirt and bag? That was my first experiment in repeat pattern design in readiness for a very special collaboration.

The next of my 2022 Best Bits has to be my collaboration with Cosmic Girl clothing, which was unveiled in June.

Although I have a background in textile print design I had never created repeat patterns.

This commission was not only super fun to work on but also opened an untapped passion for me. Something I will definitely be exploring more of for 2023.

Puzzling 2022 Best Bits

An image of a section of my 'Piecing Us Together' jigsaw puzzle for Lincoln Creates 2022.
The ‘Piecing Us Together’ jigsaw puzzle for Lincoln Creates 2022.

2022 saw me dabbling a lot with jigsaw puzzles. Another new obsession of mine which came about thanks to lockdown.

Little did I know this would inspire my ‘Piecing Us Together’ Trail.

It was May when I submitted my application to Lincoln Creates 2022, to create a giant hand painted jigsaw puzzle trail.

Little did I know that my application would be successful and that I’d receive a grant to make the dream a reality!

Work on the project began in July, with the completed puzzle trail going live in October.

This was one of my biggest projects of the year so definitely made the 2022 Best Bits.

Routes of Remembrance

Routes of Remembrance artwork on display at Nottingham train station.
Routes of Remembrance artwork on display at Nottingham train station.

Another big project for 2022 was the Routes of Remembrance community rail art project.

This project involved working with eight community groups across the East Midlands to create unique pieces of artwork. The pieces then combined together to create once large collaborative piece. In November copies of this piece went on display at Nottingham and Derby railway stations.

Thank you again to East Midlands Railway for commissioning me to collaborate with them again.

A Cracker for Christmas

My final Best Bit of 2022. The Lincoln Christmas Market 40th anniversary print commission.
My design for the Lincoln Christmas Market 40th anniversary print.

The last of my 2022 Best Bits had to be my commission from the City of Lincoln Council.

This was to create a special design to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Lincoln Christmas Market.

It was wonderful to be asked to create a fun, colourful, Christmas Market crowd scene. A chance to include all of my fondest memories of the market and hopefully that warmth shows through in the design.

2022, That’s a Wrap!

I hope you’ve enjoyed joining me for a wander through my Best Bits of the last year.

From a year that started with such uncertainty, I’m immensely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.

As for now, I can’t say for sure what 2023 will bring. I’m just ready to create more artwork that will hopefully bring a bit of joy to people’s lives.

If you have an art project or commission that you’d like to discuss please do drop me an email. I’d love to see what I can create for you!