Digital Portraits

Drawing Digital Portraits

Commission Digital Portraits that Pop!

My digital portraits make colourful, fun and unique gifts for your loved ones and can also make a lovely gift to treat yourself with.

When you commission a digital portrait I create a completely original bespoke image for you, using the photos you send me as reference.

Let me work with you to create your perfect portrait commission that’s suitable for all your requirements. These pieces are extra special, so I make certain you are kept in the loop at each stage of the process, ensuring you love your final piece.

Once your final artwork is complete not only will you receive your image as a digital file (which can be easily emailed over to you), but you also have the option to have your artwork printed as a beautiful glossy photo print. These are perfect for framing to display in your home or to send as a gift to someone special.

In addition to this, I will also send you a cropped square version of your artwork. This is perfect if you’d like to use your artwork for social media or even as an avatar.

Something For The Whole Family

Maybe you’d like a gift that all your family can enjoy? If you’d like a family portrait creating then why not send copies to family members who may live further afield? This is a wonderful way to celebrate memories together and bring far away family members that bit closer.

You might even choose to incorporate objects, places or symbols that are meaningful only to you within your portrait.

I can create Family Treasures illustrations, which could include locations and things of meaning and importance. You might like these to incorporate portraits too or perhaps just objects, people and words of significance.

I’d love to hear your ideas and discuss what I could create for you, so why not drop me an email today?

Endless Possibilities

With a digital custom portrait the possibilities really are endless! You may later decide to have your artwork printed on other personal giftware (such as mugs, t-shirts or cushions). This is why, at the early stages of your commission, I will discuss your requirements fully. This way I can create an artwork file for you that will be at the right size for all your needs and will also suit your budget.

If you would prefer something extra special as a family gift then check out my Family Portraits.

Looking for something extra special? Please feel free to contact me to discuss your individual requirements.