Determination Knows No Bounds by Mel Langton Art

My Way Day

Detail from my  empowering 'Determination Knows No Bounds' mixed media illustration.
Detail from ‘Determination Knows No Bounds’ illustration.

My Way Day

Did you know that today, Friday 17th February, celebrates My Way Day?

Created as a day to encourage us all to be bold, brave and unapologetically ourselves, it celebrates doing whatever we want, however we want.

Of course, on discovering My Way Day, I decided it’s right up my street! That’s why I thought it would be fun to share some inspirational ideas for things you could do your way this year.

Close up of my 'Aim For the Stars' lady astronaut inspirational greetings card.
Close up of my ‘Aim For the Stars’ inspirational greeting card.

Take a Leap of Faith

I’m going to start off with a very personal one.

When the first news of Covid hit the airwaves, I could never have imagined how our world was about to turn upside down. A week before I turned 40, in April 2020, I packed up my mac to go and work from home. Little did I know that by the end of the year I would be made redundant from that day job of 10 years.

Unsurprisingly it was a stressful and upsetting time, but it also came as a blessing in disguise.

I was faced with the option of either finding another job or making a leap of faith. 

I decided I would give it a go, do it my way and follow my dream of working as a full-time artist. Very scary stuff for me.

Now here I am in 2023. It sure has been challenging but it’s also been hugely rewarding. I am honestly thankful for every single day I get to do this. I also don’t know what lies ahead, especially in the current climate. Whatever happens though I’m glad I’ve given my dream a go.

I’d rather I try and fail, than I fail to ever give it a try.

Do you have an ambition you’ve always wished to make a reality? How could you take those first steps to make it happen? Dream big and be brave.

My colourful 'You Only Get Once Life' greetings card.
Live a colourful life with my ‘You Only Get Once Life’ greetings card.

Start a Vlog (or a Blog or a Podcast!)

Someone very close to me has recently taken the first steps in starting a YouTube Channel. I shall keep their identity a secret as they haven’t yet told anyone else and I want them to announce it in their own time. I also want them to enjoy getting to announce it!

By the way, this person honestly isn’t me! But never say never!

Sadly, I’ve recently watched their plans become slightly deterred by the niggles of self doubt. They admit they’re lacking self confidence at the moment and maybe are worried about failing. And I understand that feeling only too well. 

But what they can’t see (and I can!) is that this person is amazing!

Sadly, it’s very easy for us to get caught up in the negative thoughts: What if I’m no good? What if I look silly? What if people don’t like it? But think about all the opposites to those things. What if I really enjoy doing it? What if I’m really good at it and people really enjoy watching me? 

You never know unless you give it a go!

Now I’m delighted to say that this person has decided they are going to pursue their vlogging dream. Doing it for themselves. No pressure.

I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Have you got a secret project that you’d love to make happen? This My Way Day believe in yourself and maybe give it a go. Who knows how much you could enjoy it and where it might lead!

Determination Knows No Bounds motivational artwork by Mel Langton Art.
My ‘Determination Knows No Bounds’ motivational art print.

My Way, My Gig

Have you ever thought about going to see one of your favourite bands, or going to an amazing festival…but on your own?

Well, it’s not all that unusual and for some it has even proved to be an amazing experience. 

I absolutely love gigs and festivals as they are one of those rare moments when everybody comes together for a shared a passion.

People you might not have ever thought to speak to, or may have little else in common with, are all united in that moment by music. It’s not unusual to even form new bonds and friendships, finding your tribe.

If it’s something that you’ve ever dreamed about doing, I wish you all the confidence in the world to do it! Meet like minded people and share a wonderful experience.

Maybe I’ll even do it myself one day!

Mel Langton Art's Still I Rise Queen empowering limited edition art print.
A dose of inner strength with my ‘Still I Rise’ limited edition print.

Running it My Way!

Many years ago I attempted to join in a conversation about running. On mentioning that I’d really like to attempt to run a 10k one day, it was met with dismissive laughs. The friends continued their conversation and I felt rather embarrassed. Mind you, who was I kidding? At the time I couldn’t even jog to the end of my street!

Running certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, I used to hate it at one time! But I knew of other friends who ran and loved it, and I still fancied the idea of giving it a go.

Around the same time I visited our local 10k race as a spectator. To my surprise I spotted an old work colleague running who I had NO IDEA was a runner! 

I was so inspired by seeing then run that I donned my trainers and tentatively went for my first proper jog. I ran more and more until I could do 1k, then 5k, then my first 10k. 

When I later asked another friend for advice on how I could be become a runner they said this… 

Do you run? Well then, you’re a runner!

So then I trained even harder and eventually I ran a half marathon. Something I never dreamed I‘d do.

Moral of the story? If someone tells me I’ll never be able to do something it only makes me want to do it even more!

Ignore the naysayers. Be tenacious and go smash whatever your goal is. You got this!

Me Time Slothypops the sloth original illustration.
Be more like Slothypops the Sloth and enjoy some me time!

A Day of Absolutely Nothing

A Day of Absolutely Nothing

And finally, possibly the ultimate My Way Day goal for many of us. Just to do sweet absolutely nothing!

Yes, that’s right, you heard me. Sometimes a day of doing nothing is as essential as trying to do everything!

The daily grind and endless to-do lists can often leave us feeling more and more like robots. We have all the information we could ever want and all the tools we could ever need at our fingertips. But everything, all the time, is too much and very often overwhelming.

It’s ok to give yourself permission to do nothing. It’s also really important to not feel guilty about doing nothing.

And hands up who really struggles with these two things? Me!

Why not decide when will be your next Absolutely Nothing Day? You might of course decide to fill it with some things…a long soak in the bath, read a good book, meditation.

Just make sure you don’t fill it with jobs and that you do enjoy every second of it guilt free.  

And Now Over To You!

Well I hope you’re feeling inspired by this wander through My Way Day and that you might even have some ideas of your own in mind.

And remember, if you’d like to surround yourself with even more inspirational art, then why not commission me

I love to create pieces that are truly unique to your story, so feel free get in touch. I’d love to have a chat about what I could maybe create for you.