Public Art Commissions

Public Art Bringing Colour and Joy

Public art can take many forms, but its objective is often to tell a story, whilst enhancing its surroundings. It might be used to help brighten a space, bring joy to passers by or engage with the local community. In some cases, it will have been produced in collaboration with local groups, as part of a community art project.

To date, I’ve been commissioned to create artwork designs for sculptures, windows displays and walls.

Over the years charity art trails have increased in popularity and I’m honoured to have been involved with a number of local trails.

I’ve been commissioned to create artwork for four charity art trails to date, three of which have helped to raise many thousands of pounds towards local charities.

These projects also lead to me working with my local shopping centre and local schools, to bring their Educational Trail sculptures to life.

I’ve also worked with East Midlands Railway and Community Rail, leading community art workshops resulting in fantastic collaborative artwork.

Public art I’ve been commissioned to design and create artwork for include:

A Baron for the Lincoln Barons’ Charter Trail in 2015.

Three Knights for the Lincolns Knights’ Trail in 2017.

A Lancaster Wing for the RAF 100 Voices trail in 2018.

‘Romans to Railways’ for EMR and North Notts & Lincs Community Rail Partnership in 2021 – 2023.

A Lincoln Imp for summer 2021’s Lincoln Imp Trail.

‘Piecing Us Together’ for Lincoln Creates 2022, with Lincoln BIG.

‘Routes of Remembrance’ for EMR and North Notts & Lincs Community Rail Partnership in 2022,

The St Barnabas HeArts Trail in 2023, for which I was Artist Ambassador.

In addition to creating artwork for public art display, I’m regularly commissioned to create artwork for private and business clients.

You can find more of those original art commissions here.