Selection of Cute Sloth Valentines Cards

Sloth Valentine Cards

Picture of one of my colourful Slothypops sloth Valentine cards, 'Absolutely Fabusloth.
Tell someone they’re absolutely fabulous with a sloth Valentine card.

Valentine Sloth Card

Sloth Valentine cards really say it all!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s nice to know that this time of year also celebrates love and friendship, with Galentine’s day now celebrated on February 13th.

Add to the mix some gloriously adorable sloths (yes, I am biased. I LOVE sloths!) then you can’t go wrong with sending some¬†good vibes to your most special people.

Valentine’s or Galentines?

A colourful image of my super cute sloth greeting card selection.
My super cute sloth greeting card selection.

If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, then maybe Galentine’s Day is more your style?

Single or not, it really doesn’t matter when it comes to celebrating friendship with the ladies in your life.

For many, Valentine’s Day isn’t a fun day, but Galentine’s Day can be a wonderful way to let female pals know that they’re amazing, kick ass and that you care.

In fact, my cute and colourful sloth Valentine cards are perfect for Valentine’s or Galentine’s!

Super Cute Sloths for all occasions

My 'Hang Tough' funny tattooed sloth greetings card.
My ‘Hang Tough’ funny tattooed sloth card.

Sloths are great. fact!

My cards always raise a smile when people spot them at my events, so they’re perfect for sending good vibes, whatever the time of year. Birthdays, celebrations of just to say you care.

If someone’s going through a tough time you can let them know you’re thinking of them. Sometimes it’s just nice just to be able to send someone a little ‘pick me up’.

My slothypops the sloth cards are bound to bring some sunshine to someone’s day.

Who Is the Little Sloth?

One of my greetings cards featuring Slothypops the Sloth, with his friend Mothypops the sloth moth.
Slothypops the Sloth with his friend Mothypops the sloth moth.

If you’re wondering who this little sloth character is, let me introduce you to Slothypops.

The concept of this little sloth came about thanks to the Instagram annual Inktober drawing challenge. There he started life as a fun little project that made me giggle and allowed me to try out some fun ideas.

From those humble beginnings back in 2018 Slothypops has become well known for his unusual escapades, gin guzzling, bottom shaking, pizza munching and fondness for dressing up.

Would you like to commission your very own piece of Slothypops the sloth artwork? Then just drop me a message at for more info.

If you’d like to discover more of my work then why not check out my Portfolio.